Excited about starting a project within BIOME? Great! We are too! Here’s an outline of the steps you should take to get your project going ASAP.

  1. Submit your project proposal! We currently have 2 submission templates, one for already well-fleshed out projects (a) and another if you don’t have the details sorted out yet (b). You can access both of these from the links below:
    1. Project Proposal Form: bit.ly/BIOMEproject
    2. Simple Project Proposal Form: bit.ly/BIOMEpetri
  2. BIOME Executive Board will set up a time and place to meet with you about the idea within 2 weeks to approve it and go over possible tweaks as well as begin discussing project specifics. If the board has not gotten back to you within 2 weeks, email Alec Lourenço (project manager for 2017-2018) at lourenco@stanford.edu.
  3. If you are approved, you will present the project idea at one of our biweekly general meetings (every other Monday in Nitery 207 from 8-9pm) to gauge interest and recruit for your project.
  4. BIOME will suggest faculty mentors to get in touch with about the project. For labwork, BIOME will connect you and interested members with either Dr. Kara Rogers (wetlab advisor) or Dr. Ross Venook (drylab advisor) to discuss the project before beginning work on it. All active members working on the project should meet with their respective advisor(s) before beginning work on the project.
  5. Submit a brief project overview to your respective advisor for the Uytengsu Teaching Lab supervisors to look over. BIOME leadership will contact you about possible tweaks that need to be made, if any. Project overviews can be somewhat informal, but include a short summary of the project, followed by a  timeline and a well-thought out and comprehensive list of materials, protocols, and equipment needed for the project. An example of such an overview can be found here.
  6. Fill out the safety form (found here) and go through relevant safety training. Relevant STARS safety trainings can be found at the bottom of the safety form linked above; complete these on AXESS by searching in the catalog found under the STARS tab. Familiarize yourself with the Uytengsu Teaching Lab policies found here.
  7. Each member should fill out a student club project form found here. Be aware that this requires an advisor signature.
  8. Get into lab! Keep BIOME leadership and your faculty advisors up to speed on your progress and difficulties; we can help.