Biological Interdisciplinary
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BIOME is a student organization dedicated to providing open space for anyone interested in pursuing bioengineering and biology inspired projects.

Our mission is to provide any Stanford student with the skills, resources, and support to engage in a bio-hacking project. Bio-hacking includes any project that utilizes biological materials. We seek to educate our membership and the broader public and strive to broaden the scope of biotechnology beyond the conventional definition. BIOME was founded in 2015 by Jordan Shapiro and Tina Ju and is supported by the Associated Students of Stanford University.

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Excited about starting a project within BIOME? Here are some of the cool things we are doing!

DmJHAMT Purification

Engineering Biofuels


Gene Circuits


Automating Lab Procedures

DNA Architect

Golden Gate Assembly

Open Agriculture Project

Personal Food Computer

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Think of an idea

Think of a project and submit a brief project overview to your respective advisor to look over. BIOME leadership will contact you about possible tweaks that need to be made, if any. (example overview)


Get started

Meet with BIOME Executive Board to go over possible tweaks as well as begin discussing project specifics. Once you are approved, you can present the project idea at one of our biweekly general meetings to gauge interest and recruit for your project.

Reach Out

Resources & Mentorship

BIOME will suggest faculty mentors to get in touch with about the project. Submit a brief project overview to your respective advisor for the Uytengsu Teaching Lab supervisors to look over. BIOME leadership will contact you about possible tweaks that need to be made, if any.

Lab Access

Safety forms

Fill out the safety form and go through relevant safety training. Each member should fill out a student club project form. Be aware that this requires an advisor signature.


You're in!

Welcome to lab - We're excited to have you join us!

Executive Board

Come meet the people who make BIOME so great!

Ayush Pandit


Lauren Ramlan


Colin Kalicki

Lab Manager

Alan Tong

Lab Manager

Aditi Limaye

Community and Outreach Leader

Sarah Yribarren